Sunday, July 29, 2012

Optimal Outcome Part 2

I hope everyone is enjoying their summers.  It is so hot around here, and I am still pulling out my shawl from time to time- in the air conditioning, not outside. :)
I just wanted to share another tip that I recently started to implement.  Anything to make our finished work look better!

As I mentioned in this post, I am a row counter.  I also am a locking stitch marker addict (more on that later!) and use them religiously to keep track of increases and decreases. 
Clover Markers

Knit PicksMarkers

 Does that seem like too much effort?  Maybe, but nothing is worse than trying to backtrack and figure out how to  make 2 pieces match later. Trying to count rows to match shaping on dark or intricate fabric is so hard.
I used to place my markers at the beginning of an increase or decrease row. 
The more shaping, the further in you need to go to find an unbroken column of stitches
If you look at a piece that has shaping elements- decreases, bind offs, or increases, such as a waist, underarm or collar, you will notice that it is jagged or slanted and hard to tell later where the adjoining row begins.
I now place my row marker about 10 sts in from the edge, on each shaping row. This way, as I continue to shape the piece, I can isolate a column of stitches far enough away from the edge that I can keep track of rows easily. 
   See how the straight line of markers is easier to count.
So simple, but  such a time saver later.  What do you do to make sure your pieces match?

Saturday, July 14, 2012

A Knitter's Daydream

Nantucket Island is the epitome of an American needlework paradise.  Nantucket is historically rich with traditions in crafts such as basketweaving, knitting, rug hooking, and  needlepoint.  It is no wonder that needlework legends Claire Murray and Erica Wilson chose to open their successful businesses on this gorgeous island. From the scent of the salty air intermingled with the  fragrance of  abundant  cottage garden flowers, to the breath taking views of the turbulent Atlantic Ocean, Nantucket is singularly inspirational. I would love to be there right now, relaxing and pulling  my knitting project out of my bag ...

Knitting in Nantucket

 Perfect summer weight yarn  Allegoro by Classic Elite  Verde Collection