Saturday, October 3, 2015

My First Book!

I am so very excited to announce the arrival of my first book- Month by Month Dishcloths!

Mixed Media Resources/Soho Publishing

 I am equally embarrassed to confess that it was published last August(2014), and that it has taken me this long to post its arrival on my blog, and on Ravelry ...


 These are 2 of my favorites.  I think they would make a great wedding shower gift, or great wedding favors!

But, happily, the delay is not because I have a  been world class procrastinator, but more because I have been so busy with other book and magazine projects.


When I was approached with the request to design a  booklet of 24 crocheted dishcloths,  I was  both thrilled- and surprised.  Up until  to that point in my design career, I had mostly submitted complex and difficult patterns- usually knit with relatively fine needles.


 Designing with bulkier yarn, and in crochet was a new venture for me, and I am delighted to say it was wonderful.  I loved the instant gratification of a small project, and the relaxing process of working a simpler design.

It was quite a shock to walk into my local Joann Fabric and Craft  store and see my booklet on the shelves! I was also really excited to see that it is now for sale on a number of great yarn and craft websites.


It is such relief to have had the time today to blog about this book! Next post,  I hope to catch up to some of the other fun projects that have kept me away from the computer: )
And I would like to express my most sincere gratitude to Trisha Malcolm, Alexandra Joinnides and Vanessa Putt, for giving me this opportunity, and for being understanding when I kept calling asking for "just a little more time, please"... and to Jack Deutsch whose great photos made the simple, sublime.


But, of course, I am  most grateful for the readers who have made it down to the end of this post. Yes, it is now fall, and my last post was in February.  Thank you!


  1. Congrats Miss P! I loved what I saw and am definitely ordering a copy. How cute are these patterns? You are so talented!

    1. Thank you so much Wendy! I just can't believe it took so long to put this post up(hanging head). I didn't know you crocheted,too!

  2. Congratulations! I am feeling the annual fall knitting bug. Love the birch tree best. Here is a ? though-- what do you do with the dishcloth after you do the dishes? Does it hang up/go in the wash? I use a brush, but could convert...

    1. Lane I wash them at the end of every day (unless I am wiping meat etc.). I am inspired to try!

  3. Hi Lane,
    Thanks for stopping by : ) I f you are not a dish cloth convert, I think they they are fine to use for hot pads, or for decoration. I do have one or two that I wash every night, but I haven't given up my brush yet!.
    I agree- fall is the beginning of my knitting/ crocheting bug , too!

  4. Well, congratulations! Every single one of these is adorable and clever. I'm going to look for the book! You're right, there's something very satisfying in a project that can be completed quickly.

    I too am coming down with the "annual fall bug." However I have a cure for it, I look at my completed needlework projects from years past. That does it.

  5. HI WFF,
    Thank you for your nice comments! I really appreciate them.
    I have no timethis season to succumb to the fall bug, so I think I will take your (always)excellent advice, and enjoy the fruits of labors past : )
    BTW- I would love to see pictures of your handiwork!

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