Monday, April 2, 2012

My Latest Design

The Spring/Summer 2012 issue of Vogue Knitting is available in stores and online.  I love summer knits, and especially enjoy making and wearing tank tops.  They are so quick to finish and I wear them all year round, on their own or under a jacket.  My Lace Insert Tank, garment # 21 is part of  VK's  beautifully photographed  "A Midsummer Knit's Dream" story.  It was a surprisingly quick knit, partially because the back is plain stockinette, and also because the sweater is worked at a comfortable 21sts and 28 rows to 4"/10cm. gauge.  
Lace Insert Tank

 If you visit the Vogue Knitting site, you can preview this sweater  in the VK360 window.  VK 360 is an absolutely amazing  video feature that shows the garments on live models and highlights every  possible detail.  The Lace Insert Tank looks quite different on the VK 360, as the model is wearing a solid color camisole under the sweater.  

Although the lace inset may look somewhat daunting, I can assure you that it is simple enough if you break it down into "digestible" pieces.  I try to stack the odds in my favor before making any sweater. I always enlarge any graph I am working on, and make a few portable copies that I can mark on with a pencil or highlighter.  Highlighter tape is especially wonderful for keeping track of rows.   Post-its work well too.   I also use stitch markers-I prefer the rubbery bendable type- to separate pattern repeats while I knit.  I also find that knitting the pattern while I am making my gauge swatch helps me understand a graph better.  It always takes a little bit of practice for me before the pattern feels logical.  But, the finished lace project always makes all of that practice worthwhile.
If you like my latest project, you can view it (or favorite it, or queue it!) on Ravelry.
I love to see pictures of both works in progress and finished objects. Summer will be here before we know it, and a simple tank is a great and versatile piece.

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