Thursday, June 28, 2012

Rib and Bobble Vest, VK Early Fall 2012

The Vogue Knitting Magazine Early Fall  2012  preview is now online. I am always excited to get my first glimpse of a new issue, and this issue has some lovely pieces that would make great summertime knitting projects.
VK Early Fall 2012

   I designed and knitted  Garment # 21, the “Rib and Bobble” vest.  This vest is really a simple knit as there is minimal shaping, and the seed stitch edgings are knit at the same time as the vest, so there is almost no finishing at the end of the project.  Much of the vest is knit in stockinette which is perfect for an “on the go” project.  The waist area ribbed section looks far more complicated than it really is!  The yarn I used was Blue Sky Alpacas Sportweight, and it is so soft.   

Rib and Bobble Vest    Vogue Knitting Early Fall 2012, photo by Rose Callahan

My vest is shown as part of a feature on  “twin sets” and it is paired with a turtleneck designed by the brilliant and multi -talented Lori Steinberg.  I love her juxtaposition of delicate and bold geometric openwork patterns.  I always find that "longer" short sleeve length to be very flattering, and I think that the ribbed turtleneck provides a nice contrast to the airy lace.
#24  Lace Turtleneck Vogue Knitting Early Fall 2012, photo by Rose Callahan
Don’t be afraid of the bobbles. They are not difficult, and add such wonderful texture.   I used my favorite variation in this pattern- really more of a popcorn than a bobble.  I find this variation is the easiest for most knitters as the bobble is completed immediately instead of on the next row.  Because the loops are pulled over each other one at a time, it is easier than trying to knit through 5 loops at once.  
Thistle bobble design

As much as I love to knit heavy, complicated, stranded  wool sweaters, I like to have a lighter project to work on during the summer. Vests, like tank tops are great multi- season wardrobe boosters.  They are quick to knit,  use relatively little yarn, and are portable to knit.  Perfect for those stolen minutes at the beach or pool!
What are you knitting this summer? Please share- I’d love to hear!

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